Bold Declarations of Intent

Making “Bold Declarations of Intent” has been shown to raise achievement in children, so why aren’t we making these for our schools and Children’s Services?

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With school trips coming up shortly, there are steps that a school can take to prevent or at least markedly decrease levels of homesickness.

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Hearing Children Read

Thousands of children are being heard read every day in school by untrained volunteers. A little judicious training could make all the difference. more paws →


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Mentoring and Problem Behaviour

Evaluations of planned mentoring show little evidence of positive behaviour change. Indeed, there is potential for mentoring to make things worse. This article summarises the characteristics of successful schemes and highlights possible pitfalls to be avoided by those planning such programmes.

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The Language of Behaviour

The language we use to describe a difficulty can either become the final barrier or the first positive step towards a solution. By using the language of Need, we can avoid becoming trapped in the langauage of helplessness, blame and excuses. more paws →

“If-then” plans

“If-then” plans are an effective way of helping to achieve goals, especially when faced with temptation, a bad mood, lethargy, anxiety and depression. more paws →

Reason and Fun: Andrew Tait

An item on Radio 4’s obituary programme, Last Word, caught my interest. The description of the work of Andrew Tait showed he was a person who understood the basics of human motivation. Tait helped to stamp out Tuberculosis in the UK and put an end to the “jerry-building” of new houses. His work has made a massive impact on our lives today.  more paws →

Flip Cameras for Autistic Boys

Teacher Ann White describes how the introduction of Flip Cameras opened up classroom possibilities for her class of Year 7 boys in a special school.

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School Phobia 1: reducing anxiety

A day at school is not every child’s idea of fun. Where do you start your investigation of a school refuser?

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