Hearing Children Read

Thousands of children are being heard read every day in school by untrained volunteers. A little judicious training could make all the difference. more paws →

“If-then” plans

“If-then” plans are an effective way of helping to achieve goals, especially when faced with temptation, a bad mood, lethargy, anxiety and depression. more paws →

Reason and Fun: Andrew Tait

An item on Radio 4’s obituary programme, Last Word, caught my interest. The description of the work of Andrew Tait showed he was a person who understood the basics of human motivation. Tait helped to stamp out Tuberculosis in the UK and put an end to the “jerry-building” of new houses. His work has made a massive impact on our lives today.  more paws →

Flip Cameras for Autistic Boys

Teacher Ann White describes how the introduction of Flip Cameras opened up classroom possibilities for her class of Year 7 boys in a special school.

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