Counting days

With school trips coming up shortly, there are steps that a school can take to prevent or at least markedly decrease levels of homesickness.

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The Language of Behaviour


The language we use to describe a difficulty can either become the final barrier or the first positive step towards a solution. By using the language of Need, we can avoid becoming trapped in the langauage of helplessness, blame and excuses. more paws →

Flip Cameras for Autistic Boys


Teacher Ann White describes how the introduction of Flip Cameras opened up classroom possibilities for her class of Year 7 boys in a special school.

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“Choice Giving” and Choice Theory


Even though it is done with the best of intentions, the way in which some teachers  use the word “choice” may do more harm than good.  This post  explains why some schools’ versions of “choice-giving” has limited value, and how the therapeutic use of choice-giving can be introduced to empower, rather than control,  children.

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