Home-relevant Literacy (Slovenia)

Children learn best when the curriculum makes sense and relates to their lives outside school. Slovenian Primary School, OŠ Preserje pri Radomljah, is a Glasser Quality School I visited a couple of years ago. Wherever they can, teachers find ways to help the children see the relationship between what hey are learning in school and the world outside the classroom.

Make all learning relevant to the children’s lives.

The teachers in this large primary school (6 – 15 years)  in Slovenia do whatever they can to make Literacy relate to their lives outside the classroom. 6 year-olds bring in newspaper items they have found interesting ( they cannot yet read these, so they ask their parents to read the paper to them and cut out those items they wanted to tell others about in school).

They “write” or draw the recipes for their favourite dishes and talk about these with their classmates before posting on the display board.

There is a post box where children write letters to each other or the teacher and once a week, they open the box and the person who wrote the letter reads it to the person they wrote it for. This is very popular as anyone can write a letter, even if they do not yet know how to spell the words.

In another class, I visited, the teacher would project the words of a well-known song onto the board and get the singing started as they tidies up the classroom. Those who wanted to join in could and those who wanted to follow the words on the board could do this. There were other similarly relaxed ways of bringing literacy to life for the children and they were all highly motivated to take part in all these experiences, whether they were able to read or not.

Literacy in these classes meant bringing the outside home world into the classroom, not the other way round.

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