Power and Responsibility in Learning

Paul Bogdan was once a traditional secondary maths teacher who left teaching for 14 years to build computer systems. He has come back and is reborn as a student-centered teacher trying to make a difference and trying to figure out what works in today’s classroom.I read an interesting article today: Student-Centered Learing in Math and other Subjects. The author, a teacher,  writes detailed lesson plans and gives them to the students to execute. He tries to help students to learn rather than trying to teach them.

Readers familiar with Choice Theory and Glasser’s Quality School ideas will find much to satisfy in this approach.

For example, the way that tests are used as real-time learning experiences rather than potential traps to fall into.

“Unfortunately, many students are not motivated to learn until there is a test in front of them. All of a sudden they have questions. I capitalize on this opportunity as a learning experience. I let them use the book and I am glad to answer questions during the test. When I correct the test I put small red dots next to the problems they get wrong. I return it to the student to make corrections. Besides being a highly motivating learning experience, it is an opportunity for the student to assess for themselves how much they have learned thus far. They may decide to intensify their work habits. Again, this is another opportunity for creating lifelong learners.”  Bogdon 18/2/11

Anyone left in doubt about Paul Bogdon’s intentions as an educator will be reassured by the final line of his article:

“When we, as Educators, are willing to give the Power and Responsibility for learning back to the student, we will have succeeded. Student Centered Learning is our future.”

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Let the Students do The Work

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