Teoria De La Eleccion Una nueva psicologia de la libertad personal

Coming soon: Psydog posts in SPANISH

Teacher of English, Sonia, and her colleague Rosa, Spanish Psychologist, have offered to translate Psydog posts into Spanish as there is little access to information about Choice Theory in Spanish. Watch this space!



Spanish Translations of William Glasser’s books:
Both “Choice Theory” and “Every Student Can Succeed” have been translated into Spanish by the Colombian organisation “Fundación Elegir“. In fact the translated book “Every Student” Todo estudiante puede ser exitoso is being launched formally in a few days time in Colombia.
“Choice Theory” is published as “Teoría de Elección” by Paidós (Barcelona).

“Reality Therapy” was published in Spanish but is no longer in print.

Image Credit: GonchoA

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